Gregg, Lori and your fellow cafe commuters would love to hear about your experiences working out of a coffee shop. If you are having trouble knowing where to begin, here are just a few questions to get your brain percolating.

1.When did you start working out of a coffee shop?

2.What kind of work do you do there?

3.Do you have a favourite coffee shop to work from?

4. If so, why is it your favourite? Is it the coffee, the service, the atmosphere?

Thanks dropping by and sharing some of your time with us!


15 Responses to “Share Your Story”

  1. I love working in coffee shops. I have an office, but sometimes I want humans and ambient noise around – but not so much as to distract me. Coffee shops are the perfect venue (not to mention the caffeine itself!). I always look for a free-wi-fi and usually do research-type work.

    I have a couple favourites. They are in my neighbourhood, great coffee and a warm, eclectic feel. I never feel like it’s corporate or there’s a timer on to urge me to leave.

  2. raincoaster Says:

    Do you mean Barista-izing? I can recommend my posts on working for Starbucks!

  3. raincoaster Says:

    If you mean writing in a cafe, the Ovaltine is actually the best. If you run out of material, just wait fifteen minutes and something good will walk in the door and start talking, LOUDLY.

  4. Daniel Says:

    For a couple months this summer I worked part time while traveling and had the intention of doing most of that out of coffee shops. Sounds like a good idea but it didn’t take long to realize how time-consuming it is to find a good place to work every time you hop cities. I ended up putting most of my hours down where I was staying, be it in a hostel or a kind friends’ flat.

    You can read about my first coffee shop office experience here:

    Just want to say, I love the idea for this site. Maybe it’ll encourage me to get out to the coffee shops more often instead of slumming it at home! (-;

  5. Hi Daniel!

    Great story! Thanks for sharing. Keep hunting for that coffee shop office. It will be worth it in the end.

  6. Hi Nancy!

    Thanks for your comment! It is lovely to find a home away from home and the coffee shop seems to be the place for many people.

  7. Hi Raincoaster!

    Thanks for reading the blog and leaving your comment! Some coffee shops are just ripe with inspiration, aren’t they? A story just walks in the door when you least expect it.

  8. djk Says:

    Am living in Austria and actually gasped when I saw the photo of Esquires. I used to go to the corner of Oak and Cambie very often as I lived in the neighbourhood. I was there usually a couple of times per week to read, meet up with a dear friend who also lives near there. Made me homesick!

  9. Hello DJK!

    Thanks for reading the blog and your comment. I’m sorry the photos made you homesick, but I hope you are having a great time in Austria!

    Do you hang out at a particular coffee shop in the Austrian town where you live now?

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  10. darren Says:

    Hi, I’m from Canada’s Capital. I work for Parliament but when I’m out of my Parliament Sessions, I go to Cafe Supreme located at 270 Bank Street. They offer a gorgeous space! The Cafe here is simple, modern, and just plain comfortable. Great tasting coffee’s, panini sandwiches to die for, fresh salads, the menu changes regularly. I do get away from the security areas to make my way here in the downtown area of Ottawa. The owner is nice, the staff is great. Coffee is really good and I have my own workplace by the fireplace – where I write speeches and my other note takings. Great place!

    1. Hey Darren!

      Thanks for writing in. My co-author, Gregg is going to be in Ottawa (weather permitting) for the Christmas season. I’ll let him know about the cafe. It does sound like the perfect alternate workspace — the office away from the office. Do your colleagues seek refuge from their busy offices by going to a coffee shop? What started you going to Cafe Supreme?


  11. Colleen Says:

    Oh how I loved hanging out in the Paris coffee shops. One could sit and take up the space for hours with not even a sideways look. And that fresh french bread sliced in half and jammed full with camembert avec beurre. Zonnnnne!


    1. Hi Colleen!

      You lucky girl! Having the experience of parisienne cafes! I’m envious. What else do you remember about the cafes in Paris? How long ago were you there?


  12. Darren Says:

    Hello Lori,

    Been busy with work – sorry for the delay getting back to you. Regarding Cafe Supreme located at 270 Bank Street in Ottawa – I was introduced to the cafe by former Mayor of Ottawa, Jacqueline Holzman who knew of the current owner. Since, I am a regular customer and really enjoy the cafe. Many of my staff go there because the standards of service are high, sandwiches and salads are excellent and the selections of pastry and danishes are great.


    1. Hi Darren!

      Thanks for sharing your cafe commuting experience in Ottawa! How wonderful to find a cafe that suits your needs across the board! Do you find it difficult to get away from the office if your staff go there as well? Do you have staff meetings there because that’s where you all end up?


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