Gregg Taylor is a professional Career Counsellor and Certified Human Resource Professional, and is the brain behind this brainchild.

Through his Vancouver BC based company, Transitions Career & Business Consultants Inc., Gregg coordinates public and private sector career planning programs and provides career counselling, success coaching and HR consulting services. He is the 2007 recipient of the prestigious Career Development Award of Excellence presented by the Career Management Association (BC), recognizing his extensive contributions to the field of career development. Gregg writes a career coach column for his website blog ( and local papers in the Vancouver area, and is often quoted in the media. He loves to ‘catch’ the latest workplace and workforce trends as they happen.

The original idea for the “coffee shop workplace” website, book and survey hit Gregg while working on his laptop one day at his local coffee haunt (otherwise referred to as his ‘home office’). Working quietly at his computer, he looked up to see rows of coffee-shop-workers, typing, surfing and emailing away on their laptops, using the free wireless access provided. He became so intrigued with this work-trend that he began to ask questions, look for existing data (of which there was little), and faster than you can say “half-caf-soy-latte please”, this project was born.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Gregg’s great grandfather and grandfather started a respected coffee and tea company in the 1920’s, a tradition and venture carried on first by his uncles, and then by his father who managed the coffee production facility long afterward. Seeing this project as a way for him to carry on this coffee legacy, Gregg is the project’s strategic lead, ‘holder-of-the-big-idea’, blog and book collaborator, and work-trend evangelist.


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