Written by Lori Thiessen

In this age of gizmos and the drive to go green, are business cards still useful or relevant? After a quick search, the answer is a resounding yes!

The humble business card is still the best way to give your information to people in a face-to-face situation. There are those who may want to go completely techie and rely on transferring their digits electronically — zap! But then your entry is just one of so many in your potential client’s PDA.

Despite Twitter, Facebook and all the other social media that now bombard us with information, wanted or otherwise, about the contacts in our business and social network, the business card remains one of the main tools in a business person’s branding package.

This is especially true for the consultant. If you don’t have a permanent office other than your home office or a coffee shop office, then your business card is your storefront. It needs to reflect what you want people to know and to feel about your business.

But as I mentioned in the previous post, the coffee shop is a curious place  — not quite social, not quite business so you need to gauge whether or not it is appropriate to whip out your business card. Most coffee shops have a community board and it is perfectly reasonable to leave your business card on the message board. Check with the management before you do this, though.

So if you are unsure about whether or not to have business cards — say yes to the business card. It is still among the best marketing/networking tools out there.

Here’s a youtube video from an overbearing man passionate about business cards. Enjoy and take with a grain of salt.


Q: What is the most impressive business card you have ever seen? Did it make you hire that person?

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