Written by Lori Thiessen

In the Metro News today (April 6th) , there is an article about a study done about the effects of web browsing on productivity. The University of Melbourne’s Brent Coker examined the perceived menance of WILB or “workplace Internet leisure browsing”.

You know all that money corporations have spent on keeping their employees on task and out of non-work related googling? Well, it turns out it was money wasted. Mr. Coker’s study discovered that Internet browsing actually increases productivity by 9 percent.

The good ol’ coffee break or water cooler chat has been replaced by Internet browsing to a degree.

Most workplace management experts agree that taking short breaks away from work can increase overall productivity.  But I think it is important for people who work on computers most of the day get away from them from time to time. Browsing on the Internet for the Muppets singing Death Metal songs might be good for a giggle, but from an eye strain and posture point of view it’s not that great.

I think it is important to away from the glowing square from time to time. Get out and breathe some air. Stretch those legs. Talk to a real human being for a moment or two.

Then go to youtube.com to find Beaker blasting out the lyrics to Burning the Masses and laugh your ass off.


Q: What do you think of leisure web browsing at work?

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