Written by Lori Thiessen

My new Coffee Shop Office is The Pen Cafe and Bistro in New Westminster, BC. It’s called The Pen because it is housed in the old Gatehouse of the BC Penitentiary. It’s quite a funky place and for a history buff like me, it’s fascinating to think about the thousands of people who passed through those doors over the last hundred years. The penitentiary was closed down in 1980 and most of the structures were demolished except for the Gatehouse and the oldest of the cell blocks which is now a medical centre.

The serving staff of The Pen Cafe are dressed in old-fashioned prison clothes (think black and white striped tops and pants).  It is open 8-5 pm, Tues-Sun. I found this out the hard way when discovering I didn’t have a good wifi connection at my home, I wandered down to the cafe this past Monday. Closed. Crap!

I was desperate to send a couple of emails though so I thanked the rain gods for holding off for an hour or more while I perched on the damp patio tables and tapped out my messages to the outside world. There is a decent if random wifi connection  near the cafe but I don’t think it actually hosts a wifi connection itself. Note to self — check this out.

The neighbourhood is mostly made up of older people so my fellow cafe commuters are mostly elderly ladies who have lunch together with each other or their children and grandchildren. No competition for electrical outlets — sweet! And the food is quite decent, if a little plain and well-priced to boot.

I’m quite pleased with my new office digs and I plan on getting back to a normal posting schedule again now that the major part of the move is overwith and I have a place to escape to when the chaos of unpacking becomes too much for me.

Q:  How many coffee shop offices do you have/use? And why?

Thanks for dropping by and I’ll save your seat until next time.