Written by Lori Thiessen

Moving sucks. On the Hans Selye list of life stressors moving house probably rates a 90 on a 100 point scale. But you would think for a remote worker like myself, moving wouldn’t be an issue. Wrong.

It’s one thing to tote your portable office around with you, it’s quite another to pack up your entire house and take it somewhere else.

So I ask the question: How do you keep your business running smoothly while you are doing a move?

I think a possible solution maybe to pack up your office last of everything in your home. Keep your office running as long as you can before the move. Then unpack and organize your office in your new home asap. This is all theory, of course and we all know the huge divide between theory and practice, but it’s still a dang fine theory. Here are some other suggestions:

  • Take a couple of days off at least to do this.
  • Let your clients know about your move and the days you will be taking off well in advance.
  • Make up a priorities list and don’t lose it during the move.
  • Scope out possible coffee shop offices in your new ‘hood asap.

If you’ve got extra files, resource materials, etc., that you don’t normally lug around with you but are an important part of operating your business then make sure that you box them up and clearly label the box so it won’t get lost.

To help you organize and manage your move so that you can make the move as stress free as possible, Telus has provided a handy one-size-fits all moving priorities list. This list can, of course, be modified to suit your needs.

In the spirit of keeping your move on the low end of stress, pack a box with the following items:

  • paper towels
  • dishwashing soap
  • dish drying towel
  • dishcloth
  • garbage bags
  • cleaning supplies
  • hand towel
  • hand soap
  • and fixings for a meal (it can be just sandwiches) in its own container complete with a sharp knife, paper plates, plastic cups and utensils plus fruit juices or other beverages

This is a useful box to have when you have finished the major part of the move and it’s your first few hours in the new place.  Remember to keep yourself and your moving angels fed and watered.

Make your next move in the remote worker style: slim, trim and efficient.

Q: What moving tips would you like to share?

Thanks for dropping by and I’ll save your seat until next time!