written by Lori Thiessen

Visiting in Cuba opened my eyes to things I had rarely thought about. I have mentioned in this blog before about my stationery addiction.  Because of the Embargo, good quality stationery is difficult to find. Sometimes even the poor quality stuff is hard to find.

Before leaving on the tour, the participants were encouraged to bring along such things as pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, thumb drives, batteries etc.  We went to many places among them an elementary school, an artists’ collective and several libraries. Everywhere we went, we dropped off stationery supplies and the recipients were grateful.

The upshot is: if you are planning on doing work from Cuba, then be sure to stock up on your necessary office supplies before you go.

We were told that Cubans were only allowed to buy and use cell phones just within the last couple of years.  And we did see relatively few cell phones around. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t have your cell phone? While some of you may be sighing with delusions of peace and quiet, others, I’m sure are horror struck at the idea of being without a phone. How would you service your clients properly if they couldn’t get in touch with you easily? Being without a cell phone these days, especially as a consultant, is madness.

It made me realize just what amazing choices we have in North America. We can choose to work remotely. We can choose what kind of stationery supplies we like. We can choose between the different brands of computer and other technology related products.

It’s all available for us to peruse and purchase at our leisure (and within our budgets, of course).

So before you start moaning about the downturn of the economy, take a moment to reflect on how much you do have: a computer (or access to one), maybe a PDA, a MP3 player, thumb drives, unlimited access to the internet, a digital camera and a hundred other gizmos and gadgets that you take for granted in your daily round as a remote worker.

And let’s not forget about the best thing to be grateful for: to make life enjoyable for yourself and your family through the opportunity and ability to work. My father always said that people need to work to feel good about themselves  as much or more than the paycheque.

Well, I should dismount from my soapbox for the moment, but…

Thanks for dropping by and I’ll save your seat until next time!

Q: What the one technological gizmo or gadget that really makes your life, better or easier?