written by Lori Thiessen

Dear Readers,

My apologies for the long silence on this blog, but I’ve been in Cuba researching remote working possibilities there as well as taking a wee holiday in a warmer part of the world than the Canadian West Coast in February.

For those who haven’t been to Cuba,  I found it to be a beautiful country inhabited by very gracious and friendly people.

I wasn’t able to blog from Cuba because the tour I was on was so jam packed with interesting and absorbing daily excursions that I didn’t have time or energy to blog. More on that in later posts.

At the Havana Libre Hotel where I was staying, there was a well set-up business centre from which you could be on the internet from 8 am t0 8 pm. The cost was a minimum $3.00 CUC (convertible pesos) to $9.00 CUC for the hour.

There were about a dozen machines in the centre so there was little trouble getting immediate access to one. Getting on and off the internet was easy and the connection was steady.

If you brought your laptop and wanted to work from your hotel room, you could do that too. But the hotel charged $25.00/day for this privilege. I didn’t bother to bring my laptop because I generally don’t when I’m on holiday and I knew that there would be internet access at the hotel.

Most of the larger hotels in Havana do have internet, but because of the US Embargo Cuba doesn’t have the most sophisticated or updated computer equipment.  A large fibre optic system is currently unavailable in Cuba so sending large data files might be a problem.

But I’m pleased to say that most Cubans are keen to learn more about computer science and they are definitely interested in having greater, faster access to the internet.

I’ll end here for the moment but I’ve many more stories about Cuba, coffee and remote working there.

Hasta Luego!