written by Gregg Taylor

In my last post, I made reference to a couple of cool gifts that friends and family had given me this Christmas in support of my cafe commuting habits. I thought I’d share share more about them with you today.

The first is the USB Computer Vacuum– a handy little thing if I ever saw one! Small enough to fit into your laptop bag pocket, this baby will suck those cookie, muffin, and sandwich crumbs right out of your keyboard. (Perhaps the reason behind why som of yur key don sem to wrk!) It comes with two attachments – one round brush, and a flat head to reach between keys. Take a look for yourself….

Laptop VaccuumThis is the kind of thing I’ll use, although probably not as often as I should. The screen cleaning cloth I have in my laptop bag only seems to get pulled out when I can no longer see my desktop through the dust. But this is better than shaking my laptop upside down.

The second handy gift was this Combo Coffee Mug Warmer with USB Ports. Depending on how many USB ports your laptop has already, the base of this thing is very useful. Do you find yourself synching your iPhone, while using a mouse and saving to an external drive? Well you’re wired for action with 4 extra USB ports.
Coffee Cup warmer with USB Ports
Now, the cup and warmer seems like a nice idea – nothing like hot coffee while you work. Unfortunately my coffee shop doesn’t serve 4 oz coffees, which is about all this little cup will fit. So unless I decide to use it to warm up the last drops of my stale coffee, I think I’ll just keep the base handy for those heavy USB use days.
So, between my laptop, my added USB port gadget, vacuum, iPhone, muffin and coffee mug, that typical tiny coffee shop table just won’t do. I guess I’ll have to wait for the corner table that’s the size of an office desk….. I hope that guy leaves  soon….  Now where’s the power outlet?….
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