Written by Gregg Taylor

So I’m driving along with a couple colleagues in my car when we pass through my neighbourhood. One of my colleagues suddenly exclaimed. “Hey there’s Gregg’s coffee shop office, where he works away from the office!”. “His what?” the other replied. “Well, Gregg lives nearby and on days he doesn’t need to come into the office, he sets himself up there, uses the free wifi, and works remotely”.

How’s that for a growing legitimization of our cafe commuting community?! Sure, I do have a blog and upcoming book under way on the topic, but my circle of family, friends, and work colleagues is increasingly making reference to my alternate workspace, with an enthusiastic, and perhaps even jealous, endorsement of the practice.

Here are a few examples of how people have recently recognized my cafe commuting lifestyle:

  • As a thank you for my help on a couple projects, two business associates have separately bought me coffee gift cards for my favourite local coffee shop
  • Both friends and family, when asking about my day or week’s schedule, now include “or will you be at your coffee shop office?” in the list of alternatives
  • I’ve had people who are seeking a particular business service ask me “have you met anyone at your coffee shop office that provides computer support or web design services?”
  • This Christmas I received fun gifts given specifically in support of my cafe commuting habits. My niece and her husband gave me a gadget that’s a combo coffee mug with warming base that also provides 4 additional usb ports in the base, and a friend gave me a cool little keyboard vacuum, powered via usb port, to help root out those nasty coffee shop muffin crumbs. (More on these in my next post)

So the cafe commuting work-style is definitely moving from fad and novelty to a socially normalized and integrated work alternative.

Q. What has your experience been? Do your friends, family or work colleagues support and acknowledge your cafe commuting habits, or are you subject to questioning looks and subtle (or not so subtle) judgements that you’re really not ‘working’. Let us know!