Written by Lori Thiessen

In the months that I have been working on the “Coffee Shop Office” project, I’ve collected a few books, lots of articles and a need for more space plus a place to make and receive a few more calls.

So what’s the next step when hanging out at your regular coffee shop office just isn’t cutting it anymore?

There are these nifty co-working spaces like The Network Hub or Workspace here in Vancouver. Or for a cheap alternative, you can try your local library and see if you can rent or reserve a study room for a few hours.

I did try the library scene for a while and it seemed to suit. It was quiet. There was plenty of desk space and if Google failed to answer my question, then a helpful librarian was there to provide it.

But there were a couple of things wrong with the scenario. If I wanted to go to the loo, then I’d have to pack everything up and take it with me. When I left, I’d have to pack everything up and take it with me.

I’ve got a strong back, lord knows, but even I was starting to have aching shoulders from the amount of stuff I was hefting around.

So I looked into renting a little office space. Poking around on Craigslist, brought me to One Stop Creative Home Buyers who were renting out a couple of empty desks in their downtown office.

For quite a reasonable price (for downtown office space), I got a workstation, internet connection, kitchen sharing privileges, cleaning service and oh, best of all, sharing office space with a group of wonderfully friendly people and the super cute office dog, Lewis.

So I get to go to an office every day and pass a happy word or two with kind people, play with the dog and I leave my stuff there so I don’t have to haul it around all the time. It’s peaceful with a large, clean surface to work on. Staples has a store just across the street from my office so if I need anything, it’s handy. The main drag, Granville Street, is not far away either.

I’ve been working out of this space for a couple of months now and it’s working out well. Gregg and I still meet at the coffee shop where it all began, Esquires (West 16th and Oak), for planning sessions.

Really, I’m not replacing my coffee shop office so much as adding to it.

Q: Have you ever thought of renting an office space or workspace? Why? When? Where did you do it?

Thanks for dropping by and I’ll save your seat until next time!