Written by Lori Thiessen

Though we have now entered the wireless age, some of us still need wires and outlets from time to time. So you may hear, in perfect innocence and politeness, the title question being asked in cafes or coffee shops.

While enjoying a delightful cup of coffee with a charming friend, I was witness today to what can only be described as good, old-fashioned, Sesame Street inspired cooperation in the Prado Cafe on Commercial Drive.

A gentleman cafe commuter was attempting to plug in his laptop’s battery, but there wasn’t an outlet close to where he was sitting. Trailing his white extension cord behind him like a pet, this gentleman began his hunt for the elusive outlet.

He soon discovered that the closest plug was quite a distance away and already in use by another gentleman. What to do?

With courtesy on all sides, a solution was reached. The man with the extension cord would plug in the outlet and the other gentleman would plug into one of the outlet connectors on the cord. Problem solved.

Seizing the opportunity to join this electrical harmony, a young woman asked if it would be alright if she plugged in as well. Her request was granted and a very happy three-way energy flow was achieved.

It was a heart-warming sight to behold, and oh, do I wish I had brought my camera! 🙂

Q: What outlet adventures have you encountered on your travels as a cafe commuter?

Thanks for dropping by and I’ll save your seat until next time!