Written by Lori Thiessen

When you are cycling around on a damp, drizzly, grey November day in Vancouver, coffee becomes a welcome, well, fuel for the soul.

November 17 – 23rd is Vancouver Bike to Work Week and October 8th was Victoria’s Bike to Work Day. Both events feature coffee as part of the incentive to get people out of their cars and into the saddle.

In Vancouver, the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition has set up commuter stations all over the city and the stations offer hot coffee, pastries, prize draws and information on workshops focusing on how to cycle safely on the Wet Coast in winter.

Victoria’s Bike to Work Day and the late spring Bike to Work Week (June 2 – June 8th) has Starbucks as a sponsor and Starbucks provides free coffee at their morning celebration station.

The Victoria Bike to Work Week also snagged a chocolate sponsor. Now that’s some top level thinking going on.

If you really want to take being a café commuter to a whole new, green level, then you might want to think about cycling to your local coffee shop.

Q: Do you bike to your local coffee shop office?

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