Written by Lori Thiessen

As I was wandering through google in search of inspiration for another post, I came across an interesting article from CityNews – Toronto entitled Bizarre Coffee Break Rituals: A Part Of Office Life. It was talking about the coffee break. I’m a little embarrassed that even though I’ve written 50 posts for this blog, I have never once talked about the ubiquitous coffee break. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been writing about working out of a coffee shop so the issue of taking a coffee break is moot. But I digress.

This article talks about the weird and wonderful things people do with their 15-mins of mid-workday relaxation.

Some people actually do their ergonomic office stretches, and fill up their coffee mugs to get through until lunch or the end of the work day.

Others have admitted to searching for other jobs – just don’t get caught doing this by your boss.

Still others confess to the most unconventional activities:

  • Staging a burping contest
  • Re-enacting the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”
  • Proposing to your girlfriend
  • Shrink-wrapping your co-worker’s new car
  • Chasing a weasel
  • Walking a new-born turkey around the block

Personally, I think the people who submitted the last two activities to the survey were just being silly. If not, I think that they deserve a hearty WTF?.

I would like to add a couple of suggestions to the list of coffee break activities.

  • Taking a power nap – some workplace strategists/gurus tout this as being far better for the average worker than a cup of coffee. I can attest to this because my little niece, when she was napping, excelled at the power nap. After only 10 minutes of shut-eye, she was ready to play for hours… and hours.
  • Colouring – Okay, I realize that most grown-ups (or so-called grown-ups) eschew this activity as child’s play but I, for one, find it really relaxing and creative. All the fascinating colours and the warm scent of wax crayons seem to calm my frayed nerves. Some of the most relaxing and fun moments of recent days has been spent colouring with my niece and nephew. Why not bring this soothing activity into the stressful work-a-day world?

Q: Do you take a coffee break? And what do you do on your coffee break? Please keep it clean folks. This is a mostly G-rated blog.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll save your seat until next time!