Brent Sedo, professional writer ( plus other literary venues) and all around great guy, sent in some photos of his coffee shop office in Mexico. I wrote a little post around it entitled The Coffee Shop Office – Abroad. Brent wrote a in a comment about his other experiences at the “office”, but I thought they were too good to be left in a comment so here it is:

I wanted to add one little bit about perhaps the coolest thing at my Mexico coffee-shop ‘office’.

The cafe was also a small hotel, with three rooms upstairs. We spent six months in the village of San Agustinillo and so during that time a lot of people passed through and stayed at the hotel. Some stayed for a few days, some stayed for a few weeks, but as I worked for a couple hours almost everyday on the deck, inevitably they would all (along with the chickens) pass through my office. Depending on the language compatibility, we’d exchange everything from a basic daily ‘hola’ to long conversation. These people came from all over the world, and it was really fun whenever possible to spend some time talking to them, getting to know who they were and what had brought them to southern Mexico.

The cafe was also centrally located and boasted the only public satellite phone (no cell service in San A.) so it was also quite a gathering point for the locals, and a great place to catch up on the village gossip.

All-in-all it was a great ‘work’ experience.

Take care.

Thanks for sharing your coffee shop office experience, Brent!

I encourage all of you to share your own experiences as a cafe commuter! We want to hear your stories.

Thanks for dropping by and I’ll save your seat until next time!