Written by Lori Thiessen

Some time ago, I wrote a post entitled “A Java Commuter’s Fantasy”. (Gregg and I can’t make up our minds over which name we like best, java commuter or café commuter, hence the use of both of them.) It was all about the ultimate java commuter’s coffee shop office. I’m a big fan of fantasy because reality sucks most of the time, so my mind wandered into the ultimate coffee shop office again.

In the first coffee shop office fantasy post, I wished that there was a coffee shop, stationery supply store, computer store, printing/coping centre all together in one area. That part of the fantasy hasn’t changed. I still think it’s a good idea.

What I’d like to add are cubicles of different sizes. The cubicles would go around the perimeter of the coffee shop area. You could rent them out like you do for lockers at a gym. You would get a key and time limit. Say $2.00/hr for the individual cubicle if you purchase a coffee or something and $8.00/hr if you don’t (or bring your own stuff). Oh, and they are sound proof so that your music or cell phone conversations aren’t going to bother anyone and no one else’s conversations will bother you either.

All cubicles would include internet access, a desk, and a chair. Pretty basic but that’s all a person really needs. What is great about the cubicle is that you can walk out, lock your stuff up, wander out to run a quick errand, hit the head, whatever. No need to gather up all your stuff and take it with you.

The cubicles could range in size from individual, two, four or six people. Any more than that, I think it would be worthwhile to just rent a boardroom somewhere.

Q: What do you think of my latest vision of the ultimate coffee shop office?

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll save your seat until next time!