Written by Lori Thiessen

In hopes of inspiring you to share your café commuter story with Gregg Taylor and me, I thought that I would share a typical day with you.

Generally, I arrive at the coffee shop about 10-10:30 am. My trusty laptop by my side, I set up camp for the day near the electrical outlet. Outcomes my cell phone, organizer (I still haven’t made the leap to PDA’s), and pen. I order a coffee and breakfast bagel, then sit down to work.

Gregg and I meet for regular weekly meetings at one particular coffee shop. So there we are, dueling laptops, peering at each other over the edge of the screens. Some days are paper days when we talk, write down our great ideas (or at least we hope they will be great!) and plan how we will carry them out!

Other days, we don’t actually talk much to each other but just work on the different bits of the project. It seemed kind of silly to us at first that we would just sit across from each other and type, but we realized that it was a good strategic move. We end up getting a lot of actual work done on days like these.

We tend to work until one of us has an appointment to go to or another commitment or our asses become too sore and our minds are mush.

If I’m working on my own, I’ve usually got a list of tasks to complete and I just work through it. When I was working on the website and going completely stir crazy with trying to learn DreamWeaver, I would persevere until I had one hair left on my head. Then it was time to go. Or at least work on something else. Blog writing and website editing are ALWAYS on my list.

At some points during the day, it’s difficult to concentrate because of the noise factor. Today, for instance, there was a private ESL session happening on my left and on my right, an image consultant was meeting with a new client. Because I’m a curious person, I found it almost impossible to concentrate. Eavesdropping is an occupational hazard for the curious café commuter. But it’s fantastic to witness all the different activities going on in the coffee shop. I sit back, observe and sip. Hey, it’s research!

After a few hours, I get up, buy a cuppa and muffin, stretch, maybe pass a remark or two with the counterfolk or fellow café commuters, then I head back to the screen.

My day usually ends around 5:30 or 6:00 pm and I strike camp, wind up my cords, settle the laptop into its case and trundle out the door to my car.

Q: What is your typical café commuting day like?

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll save your seat until next time!