Written by Lori Thiessen

All of us need coping strategies to help us with the slings and arrows of daily life and life as a java commuter contains its own special problems. The next challenge from the list in my article entitled “Challenges for the Java Commuter” is

Reduced professional contact

Join the organization or association for your profession

There are so many different organizations for a variety of vocations and professions now that it is quite easy to find out when, where and how often there may be meetings. It is also important to try to take an active part in the organization, if possible. Become involved in a useful way and you will inevitably get to know the members of the group.

Join your alumni club

While you may be delighted to leave behind the rigors studying for your profession, staying in contact with your alumni club can be a great source of connecting with others in your profession as well as keeping up to date with what is happening in your chosen industry. Again, try to become involved, if possible.

Maintain Your Professional Network

As you move from job to job, make sure to keep up with your colleagues from these former workplaces. They can be a great source of information about the industry and other opportunities. If you are an independent java commuter, a former workplace may become a client. However, it is obvious and critical to maintain good, professional relations with both your colleagues and employers. That, of course, can be a whole different challenge!

Q: How do you maintain your professional contacts?

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