Written by Lori Thiessen

In my previous article, I listed some of the challenges that face Java Commuters whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur. You can see the list on Canadian Teleworkers Association (http://www.ivc.ca).

Here are the first of the challenges:

Reduced social interaction potentially leading to social isolation and greater risk of reduced mental health (e.g. depression) and emotional well-being

Keep in regular contact with your social network

The obvious thing to do is to email and phone but try to connect face to face. This can be extremely difficult, I know, but manage a coffee with a friend at least once every couple of weeks or more often.

Take a fun course in something that you like

This will get your brain off work and onto something different. It will also get you in contact with new people and a potential for making new social connections.

Go to the coffee shop

Going to a public place will put you in contact with people. If you frequent a particular coffee shop regularly, then there is an opportunity to make new social connections.

Try to do something every day that you find funny, inspiring, uplifting

Whether it’s reading inspiring books or listening to music you love or watching a funny movie or doing something creative, do something that’s going to make you feel good about yourself.


I know, it’s a bad word for some of us, but exercise helps to gets those endorphins swirling around which will help to keep your emotional well-being … well.

If you are currently battling depression, visit your healthcare provider and discuss it. You may also want to consider seeing a counselor either privately or in a group setting. In Vancouver, the Mood Disorders Association http://www.mdabc.net offers support and resources.

Also, check out Aaron Cruikshank’s July 2008 blog How Social Isolation Strikes Down the Best of Us , he mentions the Plan Institute http://www.planinstitute.ca which specializes in social isolations issues.

Q: What suggestions are you willing to share with fellow java commuters about dealing with social isolation and the other issues associated with it?

Thanks for dropping by and I’ll save your seat until next time!