Written by Lori Thiessen

As with any endeavour, it helps if you have a good support system. Having your family’s support to work from home is critical. This can mean everything from a space dedicated to work in the house which is sacrosanct from any intrusions to having your loved one(s) understand that you can’t run a multitude of errands during the work day because you are working.

Beyond the immediate support on the home front, it is helpful to have some wider support networks out there in the form of colleagues, fellow java commuters, and even associations.

A way to meet with fellow java commuters is, well, to talk to them at your local coffee shop. You can swap information and helpful hints on how to be an effective java commuter.

For associations, there seems to be two main players at the moment: The American Telecommuting Association and the Canadian Telecommuting Association (Innovisions Canada).

The American Telecommuting Association’s mission is to support teleworkers with information and handy hints on being an effective teleworker. Started in 1993, the ATA claims to be the oldest telecommuting association. There is a membership fee of $10 (USD) which will give you access to the ATA’s resources. Be sure to mark your calendar for the annual “Telecommuters’ Appreciation” week taking place, March 1-7 2009. Check them out at http://www.yourata.com.

The Canadian Telecommuting Association (InnoVisions Canada) http://www.ivc.ca, which began in 1997, dedicates itself to promoting telecommuting as a viable alternative to working in a centralized office structure. It also wants to build a community of individual telecommuters so that we can share our expertise with each other as well as creating strategic partnerships with all sectors and levels within those sectors to develop telecommuting programs for a wide variety of companies, agencies and institutions. There is currently no membership fee for joining the CTA and they want to keep it like that.

Q: What other support systems do you think are necessary to being a successful java commuter?

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