Written by Lori Thiessen

What comes up for you when you think of the word ‘discipline’? I think of routines strictly adhered to. Some of you may have other connotations of the word but this is a family blog, mostly.

To be a java commuter requires some discipline. Bottom line: the work needs to get done, get done well and on time. How you achieve it doesn’t really matter; it’s the result that counts. So I’m not about to tell you the best way to work. You need to figure this out for yourself.

That said, I do think there is some usefulness in keeping somewhat regular hours. Though the office may be disappearing, office hours aren’t. But I also think it is important to put firm boundaries around your hours so that you can have a personal life. Discipline is not only important for work but also for your ‘real’ life.

Personally, I think it really helps to have a coffee shop that I go to just to focus on a particular project. At home, I can get distracted by stuff and some folks think that if you are working from home you aren’t really working. The caller id option is a great way to postpone calls to those people who just don’t get that you are actually working during the day.

Another great way to keep focused and on track is a to-do list. I’m a big believer in to-do lists. Not everybody is, but I find putting a check mark beside an item is enormously satisfying. If you aren’t into to-do lists, you might want to look into mind-mapping. It is an alternative way to organize your thoughts around a project. A guy I met built his successful home delivery grocery business from using an enormous mind-map. Check out mind-mapping at http://olc.spsd.sk.ca/DE/PD/instr/strats/mindmap/index.html

I think finding better ways of working for you personally takes time as well as trial and error. It can be frustrating at times but in the end it’s worth keeping at it so that you can live the ultimate java commuter lifestyle. Here’s a video of what we java commuters dream of.

Q: Which time-management strategies have you found to be the most effective for you?

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