Written by Lori Thiessen

I have a confession to make: I’m stuck between the paper world and the paper-free world. Writing on a computer is so much easier than the old IBM electric typewriter (complete with bouncing ball type cartridge) on which I learned to type or just using pen and paper.

But I haven’t made the jump from the old-fashioned pen-paper daytimer to a blackberry or even just an online calendar. Somehow, I feel more in control and secure if I have my calendar in my hands. My to-do lists are carefully composed on large post-it notes and pasted into it. The downside is that if I lose my paper calendar, poof! That’s it, gone, finito.

With an online version, there is still the chance that someone may hack into my calendar (although why anyone would be desperate to know my next dentist appointment is beyond me) or that a deadly virus would destroy the calendar. However, there is a sense that the online calendar could be reclaimed with the help of a clever geek.

In an attempt to wean myself off of paper and onto online, I’ve looked at a few resources. I hope my fellow java commuters find this useful.

Calendar – Google Calendar (http://www.google.com/calendar) is free, share-able, and provides a quick way to input events. It also has windows for a single day up to a month. So long as your mobile device can handle iCal or XML files, you can receive notifications, but watch out for text costs from your mobile device company.

To-do List – Remember the Milk (http://www.rememberthemilk.com) is a free service that can be easily added to your Google Calendar to help you keep on task and manage your time more easily.

Document sharing – PBWiki (http://www.pbwiki.com) is a free wiki service that allows you to share and edit documents with your colleagues or other project team members. It’s easier than sending stuff over the email and can track changes. Google also has a document manager app.

Trivia: Apparently, the word ‘wiki’ is Hawaiian for fast.

Of course, the biggest key to having these resources work for you is you have to use them and regularly.

Q: Which online resources do you use and why?

Thanks for dropping by and I’ll save your seat for next time!