written by Lori Thiessen

So you know how Chapters has networked with Starbucks to join forces so that you can work on your laptop (for a fee, if you want to connect to the Internet) safe in the knowledge that a book, newspaper, magazine is close by.

Well, I was thinking wouldn’t it be great if a coffee shop and a stationery/computer shop joined ranks so that you could work safe in the knowledge that if you needed, say, a paperclip, a pen, a USB key or whatever, it would near to hand. Hey, maybe even printing and binding services would be available. The mind boggles.

Even the most well-equipped co-working spaces don’t offer stationery supplies, or books,etc. I know they do offer coffee. And alas, I don’t know if all of the co-working spaces offer printing services either. I suppose you would be free to bring along your own printer, though lugging some of these honking huge laser printers could cause you to rupture something.

Personally, I think this would be a dandy idea to have a book/stationery/computer/coffee shop centre, sort of the ultimate in java commuter convenience.

The place would have lots of outlets, FREE Wifi, comfy chairs, wide desks, perhaps even a couple of small boardrooms for a reasonable rent if you want total quiet or a confidential meeting with a client.
Within a few strides, you could have your hands on all sorts of wonderful stationery supplies (my personal fetish) or computer stuff, or buy the latest book by your favorite author.

Of course, you would be able to do all of these things with a trusty cup of half-caf-soy-dry-cappucino in your hand. I mean, how else does the world work unless there is coffee to help to spring into action.

Just for fun, here is a little ditty by the Supersuckers to help you rock out during your java commuter day. It’s called “PAID”.

Q: Tell me about your fantasy workspace. Keep it clean, this is a mostly G-rated blog.

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