Written by Lori Thiessen

As a java commuter, you are armed with your laptop which lets you roam, but what if you have to print something out while you are roaming?

There are wireless printers and servers out there so you don’t have to fiddle with finding a console which is hooked to a printer then insert your thumb drive, …blah, blah, blah. Personally, I haven’t tried a wireless printer but there are times when it would be great to have one available. I understand from more techie-types that you need to configure your laptop for printer sharing, or network sharing.

From some online tech conversations about wireless printing I ‘ve read, trying to configure your laptop to use wireless printing can range anywhere from dead easy to tearing-your-hair-out difficult. But then that’s generally been my experience with computers.

Ideally, your local coffee shop office would have a wireless printer for you to use. It would be fab to be able to print out that proposal for your client rather than shoving your laptop across the table for him/her to read it off your screen, especially if you’re a wee bit too close to the appointment time to run to a print shop with your thumb drive. Of course, being a well-organized independent consultant you’d never run into a situation like this, would you? Oh no. Never.

For the coffee shop owner, it might be a dandy little second income stream. Charge, say, $0.25 cents a page. Refill the paper tray when the coffee condiments table needs refilling.

The second option is for you to lug around your own wireless printer. This might mean that you have to get an extra large wheelie to bring it with you or leave your printer in your car. But for the intrepid and resourceful java commuter no obstacle is too great.

Actually, it might be a great little source of income for an intrepid and resourceful java commuter to let people use your wireless printer for a price. Charge what you like, you’d have ’em by the gigabytes.

Q: Would you frequent a coffee shop more often if it had a printer available for you to use?

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