Written by Lori Thiessen

The latest commercial for McDonald’s hawks McCafes or McDonald’s style lattes. Two women sitting in a trendy coffee shop sipping their specialty bevies start talking and the one says, “Did you know that McDonald’s makes lattes?” The conversation spins on and the two women extol the virtues of drinking McCafes: no need to wear nice clothes any more, or to try to look or sound intelligent and the price is much lower than at the ‘other’ coffee places.

McDonald’s is trying to cash in on the Starbucks buck. It wants to offer the specialty coffees that are so popular with people right now. Mickey D’s commercial makes it clear that women (30+) are the target audience. But what about the java commuters?

Now personally, I’ve never thought of McDonald’s as a place to hang out even when I was a wee slip of a girl. If I’m looking around for a place to hang my working shingle for a moment, I’m not thinking of the Golden Arches.

Most McDonald’s stores that I’ve been to are slightly to appallingly grubby. There’s that greasy odor in the air that is hard to get out of your clothes. The place is usually noisy and the seats are uncomfortable. And to my mind, McDonald’s food is landfill. Cheap, yes, but landfill nonetheless.

If McDonald’s is looking to up-market its image, it should include trying to attract the java commuter in its bit to attract more customers. If it wants to really cash in, offer free Wi-Fi which Starbucks in Canada isn’t currently doing.

But even if the decor was changed to comfortable seating, more outlets, and the food was upgraded to real food, I don’t know if I’d go there.

Q: Have you worked out of a McDonald’s restaurant? Would you consider working out of a McDonald’s restaurant if it was more java commuter friendly?

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll save your seat until next time!