Written by Lori Thiessen

Can you hear me now? In their latest ad campaign, Verizon is flogging an internet connector thingy (can you tell I’m not really a techno-geek) that will allow you to become the happy laptop wanderer you’ve been longing to be. Or were you?

The commercial features a woman attempting to leave a coffee with her laptop still operational. From the ceiling a set of bars descend imprisoning this poor person. She is taunted by her fellow laptopper who asks if she’s in for wi-fi. A rather haughty and scruffy coffee shop counter clerk demands to know where she is going.

With the gift of the Verizon connector gizmo, this woman walks confidently out of the coffee shop and into the big wide green space and ends up on the end of a dock, balancing her laptop on her knees.

All this for a mere $39.95/mo. What the gizmo itself costs, the ad does not reveal.

Frankly, I think most of us will still want to hang out at the coffee shop at least part of the time to get work done because it’s warm, there is good coffee (if there isn’t good coffee where you are, find another place), wi-fi (usually free), and people.

Like most people, I want solitude from time to time. I will sometimes work from my car. I’ll drive over to Stanley Park to the Second Beach parking lot and park my car facing the ocean. Though it’s not always easy to balance books, laptop and other paraphernalia that I’ve lugged with me, it is nice to glance up at the vast blue-grey ocean from time to time.

However, I think if you are going out into big green spaces, be respectful and give Mother Nature your full attention. Save the laptop and work worries for the caffeinated spaces.

Q: What do you think about roaming in the gloaming with your laptop?

Thanks for dropping by and come again soon for another cup of virtual coffee and conversation.