Written by Lori Thiessen

The Network Hub is another “thirdspace” option for neo-bedouins in Vancouver. Located on Richards Street (not far from SFU-Downtown Campus and arguably the best used bookstore in town, MacLeod’s), it provides a temporary place to hang your hat for your 9-5 endeavours. With a funky, lofty look, you can feel like you are in a hip and happenin’ community of other folks on the verge of wealth and greatness. As this blog is about coffee, I feel beholden to say a word or two about the Network Hub brew. At the WordPress Camp on Wednesday, April 30th, the coffee du jour was a Canadian favourite – Tim Horton’s. So there you have it, my friends. Check out The Network Hub on your trusty laptop at http://www.thenetworkhub.ca.

Response to Naming the New Worker

Thanks to Ed and Aaron for making suggestions about a possible name for the new worker (a person that works at least part-time from a coffee shop). Ed suggested that the position itself could be named “iJob”. Aaron went for something a little more practical and descriptive like “Caffeine Addicts Anonymous”. If you have thought about it and come up with a name, it’s never too late to submit your idea. Personally, I’m working on “Java Commuter”. I’m even warming up to neo-bedouin.

Q: What other workspaces in Vancouver have you come across? Which is your favourite and why?

Thanks for dropping by and come again soon for another virtual cup and conversation!