Written by Lori Thiessen

Blame Adam, he started this whole naming craze. With the creation of the Internet and its plethora of new words, the latest designation dilemma seems settling on an edgy, hip, fab sounding, tribal title for the fine folks who choose to work out of their local coffee shop.

Here’s a partial offering of caffeinated cognomens:

· Entrepreneur

· Freelancer/contract worker

· Teleworker (replacing the now outdated Telecommutor due to laptops and wi-fi)

· Mobile worker

· Independent worker

· Portfolio careerist

· Web worker

· Road warrior

· Bedouin

· Neo-Nomad

I’m not against naming really. It helps to put labels, however temporary and general, on things like trends. Labels help conversations about well, stuff, to move along. The wide variety of names being bandied about for people who work out of coffee shops means that there are enough people doing it that it needs naming. Personally, I’m not that keen about any of the monikers I’ve spotted so far. The first seven are just dull. The last three are just a little too hip for me. When I see the words road warrior, bedouin and neo-nomad, I get a vision of Mad Maxx wearing a stud-bedecked leather ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ outfit, brandishing a spike-encrusted laptop and screaming: “Gimme your bandwidth!” The uber-geeks among us might relish this image of themselves. Good for you, my friends.

However, there’s got to be another appellation floating around in the ether that fits us more moderate types. Not drab, not flashy just appropriately ‘now’.

Q: What names have you seen or thought of to describe this new kind of worker?

Thanks for dropping by and join me soon for another virtual cup of coffee and conversation!