Written by Lori Thiessen

I’ve just read this great blog written by JaZilla (http://www.squidoo.com/coffeeshopoffice) with tips on finding a good coffee shop to work out of and some basic etiquette to observe while you work there.

According to JaZilla, it’s important to figure out what you want from your coffee shop office. Do you need it to be close by to your house? Is ambiance (up scale or more bare bones) a factor for you? If networking is critical to your business maybe you need to choose a coffee shop where potential clients or work partners hang out? Perhaps you need a few different coffee shops to serve different purposes (e.g. one for meeting clients in, one for burning the midnight oil, etc.)

JaZilla recommends trying out a few different places at different times to see where and when works best for you. Also, try to find an independent coffee shop. They may be more welcoming to you being there for hours at a time and hey, they are a small business just like you – we need to support each other!

Coffee shop manners are important not just for the other customers but for making a good impression on people. To make the barista love you, tip and don’t bug him/her all the time. Remember this isn’t your home so don’t spread yourself all over the place. If the place gets busy, shove over and make room. Always use headphones and never, ever watch porn on your laptop in the coffee shop. And most of all, the barista isn’t your mom so clear up after yourself.

Q: What is the worst behaviour you’ve ever witnessed in a coffee shop from a mobile worker?

Thanks for dropping by and come again soon for another virtual cup and conversation!