Welcome to Coffee Shop Office, your local webspace coffeehouse! Pull up a chair, sit down and have a cup of virtual coffee. Let’s talk about working on the rim – the rim of a coffee mug that is.

So hands up how many of you are reading this on your laptop while you are sitting in a coffee shop or café? Okay. Put your hands down because you look silly and the barista will think you want a refill.

Did you have a chance to look around and see others working away on their laptops too, or reading/writing or having a business meeting or drawing something? Yeah, Gregg Taylor did too. At his local coffee shop over a large mug of java, he thought there is a trend happening here.

So Gregg enlisted the help of Lori Thiessen  and Aaron Cruikshank to help him to uncover why people like you and us high tail it to a coffee house to get our work done.

There is a website in process and we will let you know when we are up and running.

We want to hear about your experience working out of a coffee shop in your own words too so feel free to send us a short anecdote at coffeeshopoffice@gmail.com.

Thanks so much for dropping by and I’ll save your seat for you!

Lori Thiessen